School Improvement

Every year, our School Improvement Team (SIT Team) develops a School Improvement Plan which uses school data to identify areas of need. This plan is designed to improve overall student learning and academic achievement. It describes the actions our school will take, what kinds of supports and resources are needed and the responsibilities of team members.

Our SIT Team includes staff and parent representatives who are elected each year. Our team meets once per month to update and review the plan.

School Improvement Team 2022-2023

Andrew Ruppe, Principal

Diane Wilson, PreK Teacher

Michelle Mack, Kindergarten Teacher

Brooke Deason, 1st Grade Teacher

Miranda Davis, 2nd Grade Teacher

Michele Rogers, 3rd Grade Teacher

Elizabeth Galloway, 4th Grade Teacher

Tyler McDaniel, Special Area Rep             

Lisa Batchler, Title I Reading Teacher

Danielle Grier, CTC/PST Coordinator

Sonya Nalley, Teacher Assistant

Krista Kiser, School Psychologist

Amanda Jenkins, Parent Representative

Kimberly Frye, Parent Representative

Miranda Smith, Parent Representative


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